Wellness Exams Englewood, CO

Wellness exams are an important part of your pet’s overall health. They are a great time to get to know you and your pet. They allow us to have baselines for each individual pet so we know what is normal for their unique body. Regular wellness exams can help us catch illness and other issues early on. Early detection can be vital in keeping your pet healthy. Wellness exams also allow your pet to become comfortable with the hospital and staff, making future visits less stressful for you and your pet.

We understand your pet’s wellness care from puppy vaccines and preventive care, all the way through your pet’s senior care. It is recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association that your pet have a wellness exam at least once every year. As your pet enters the senior year, they recommend increasing the wellness exam to every 6 months so we can make sure we catch things early on and continue to prevent future problems.

During an annual wellness exam, a comprehensive examination of your pet will be done from nose to tail. Any concerns that you may have will be discussed. We will go over what you are feeding your pet, any supplements, or medications they are on. We will discuss individual lifestyles (do you travel with them, go to dog parks, have exposure to water etc). Once we have this information, we can discuss the best preventative care things for them. These may include preventative baseline bloodwork, supplements, heartworm, flea and tick prevention, or other vaccines then just core vaccines.

Our wellness exam is designed to keep your pet as healthy as possible to help them live a long and active life.

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